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PPIHC Future Dates

Monday, Aug. 3 2015

   The Broadmoor PPIHC Future Dates The date for the 2016 race has been set:                2016——June 26th (Fan Fest June 24th) (100th Anniversary) The Board of Directors of The Broadmoor PPIHC have announced that all future races will be tentatively scheduled for the last Sunday in June.   […]

2016 Registration Timeline Bulletin

Thursday, Jul. 30 2015

2016 PPIHC Registration Timeline Bulletin: 7/30/2015 (Subject to Change) Timeline: October 2015 – Rule Book posted on PPIHC website November 1, 2015 – 2016 PPIHC Registration Opens January 29, 2016 – 2016 PPIHC Registration Closes February 12, 2016 – Competitors are informed if they will be invited to participate in the 2016 race March 4, 2016 – […]

2015 Results Bulletin

Tuesday, Jun. 30 2015

2015 Official Results Bulletin June 30, 2015 Dear Competitors, We apologize for the delay on the 2015 official results.  The Board of Directors had an emergency meeting, June 30, 2015 to discuss the unprecedented situation on race day of two checkered flags in different locations on the course. The Board has made a decision, and […]

Seat Belt Bulletin

Tuesday, Jun. 16 2015

Over the past 2 weeks, the PPIHC has hosted 2 tire testing weekends. During this time it has been identified that several teams/vehicles were observed using 2″ lap belts. The requirement as stated on page 25 – 7.1 in the rule book is the following: 7.1 Minimum width of lap belt is 3 inches and […]

Bike Stand Bulletin

Tuesday, Jun. 16 2015

  All bike teams are encouraged to load stands into the competitor van that is going to the Summit on race day.  Last year, riders were propping bikes up against rocks after finishing and bikes were being blown over by the wind and were damaged.  The use of bike stands would allow all bikes to […]

Pit Row and Highway Access Bulletin

Wednesday, Jun. 10 2015

The following rules will be strictly enforced for PPIHC Tire Testing Days, Practice/Qualifying Days, and Race Day: No competitors are allowed to pit and/or park on any portion of the Pikes Peak Highway road surface at any time. All competitors need to be parked and pitted in the designated parking and or pit parking spots. […]

Weather Bulletin

Tuesday, Jun. 9 2015

The City of Colorado Springs broke an 80 year rainfall record for the month of May this year. The rainfall in Colorado Springs translated to snow on Pikes Peak. The PPIHC and Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain staff have been doing everything possible to prepare the road for 93rd Running of the PPIHC; however, due to […]


Competitor Race Week Schedule: Mandatory Meetings for Competitors Race Week: June 22, 2015: 3:30-5:00- Rookie School (Pikes Peak Room #1- Hotel Eleganté) June 22, 2015: 5:00-6:00- Mandatory Drivers/Riders Meeting (Hotel Eleganté – Pikes Peak Room #3/#4- Joint Session). Drivers will break off after the joint session and move to Pikes Peak Room #1/#2. The […]

2015 Footage Opportunities

Tuesday, May. 19 2015

Finish Line/Summit Shot PPIHC/Windstar Studios will shoot slow motion video footage of race competitors at both the Start and Finish Lines. The cost for the clips is $350 (download included). Click here to sign up: For more information, please read the competitor bulletin that can be found here: Helicopter Footage Limited spots are […]


After the conclusion of the 93rd running, the PPIHC awards ceremony will be held in the VIP tent area located by the Start Line. The awards ceremony will start shortly after the drivers have returned down from the Summit and back to the pits. PPIHC will announce the time of the ceremony once competitors are […]