Matchsports Introduces New Era to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with Successful Live Stream

Friday, Jul. 21 2017

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. – A historic milestone for the world’s most respected hill climb, The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo (PPIHC) was reached in June. Thanks to a partnership with Matchsports, the Race to the Clouds was successfully streamed live for the first time in the race’s 101-year history. Fans from across the globe could view eight hours of uninterrupted, high-definition action, live from Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain including full commentary and pre-recorded Race Week interviews. This successful broadcast has set the bar high for future productions in what is undeniably a new era for both the event and fans alike.

Prior to 2017, no one had been successful in livestreaming the Race to the Clouds to a worldwide audience.  It is well known that Pikes Peak’s unique environment commonly creates technological difficulties for even the simplest of technologies; however, meticulous preparation, tremendous local support and a grueling 20 days on America’s Mountain enabled the PPIHC / Matchsports partnership to rewrite history.

“This is a benchmark result that everyone should be proud of. We have definitely learned a great deal and know a lot more about what to expect. As the event officially enters an era where it can be viewed live, it is now our responsibility to work even harder to create a first-class broadcast for our audience,” explained Matchsports CEO, James Kalogiros.  “We cannot speak highly enough of the hard work put in by everyone on our team or the local support we received during the week to make this successful stream possible. This was an outstanding result on multiple levels for the first year of this long-term partnership.”

Photo by Larry Chen.

“It was clear from the outset that America’s Mountain was going to throw her curve balls. We ran into issues ranging from animals chewing through cables to having to close down entire sections of infrastructure due to last minute weather conditions; but at the end of the day and to everyone’s surprise, fans from around the world were able to see the event live for the first time,” stated Matchsports GM, Peter Berlowitz.  “Now with a year under our belt we will be able to build upon our platform and create a world-class stream of the Race to the Clouds that fans can look forward to witnessing live for years to come.”

Megan Leatham, PPIHC Executive Director, praised the joint effort, stating, “We were amazed by what Matchsports was able to achieve this year.  We have worked with groups in the past that had successfully live streamed content from locations as remote as the stratosphere and were confident they could broadcast live from Pikes Peak with zero issues. Until now no one had been able to overcome the unique challenges that America’s Mountain presents.  A live broadcast was the missing link in elevating the PPIHC to the next level.  This year was a beta test to prove that Matchsports’ technological solution could work on Pikes Peak.  Now with a year under our belt, we are looking forward to perfecting the broadcast so we can show audiences around the world why the Race to the Clouds is one of, if not the most, challenging and prestigious motorsport event on earth.”

Fans who missed the action live on Race Day are in luck and will be able to view the broadcast at their convenience in the coming weeks when a polished version is made available to the public.

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