Ducati Offers 2017 Competitor Tracking / Crew Information Area

Sunday, Jun. 18 2017

Ducati Offers 2017 Competitor Tracking / Crew Information Area

 Posted Online: June 18, 2017

Last Updated: June 18, 2017

Thanks to our partnership with Ducati there will be a Ducati Competitor Tracking / Crew Information Area for both motorcycle and car crews.  This area provides a place where crew members can watch the times as well as receive any necessary updates from PPIHC Officials.

The map below shows this area marked in red. It is located just downhill from the Upper Pit Road and will be easily visible and well-marked with Ducati logos.

Due to the limited number of crew members allowed in the Motorcycle Hot Grid as well as the car Take Off Point, this gathering area will allow all crew members to track their driver or rider and keep the Hot Grid and Take Off Point clear for other competitors.

This area is designed for any and all crew members, who have a current competitor on course, to track the competitor’s progress (via timing).  For the motorcycle program, as soon as a competitor is launched their crew will proceed to the Ducati Competitor Tracking Area directly adjacent to the #20 grid position.  For the car program, crew members who are not allowed through the gates to the Takeoff Point may gather at this area. Additionally, for crew members at the Takeoff Point, once their competitor receives the green flag, they must proceed to the Ducati Tracking Area to monitor competitor progress.

If there is a restart required and/or any other information needs to be communicated to crew members, PPIHC Officials will first look for the crew at the Ducati Competitor Tracking Area.  Likewise, should there be an incident on the course, PPIHC Officials will look for the competitor’s crew members/family members in this area.

Motorcycle Hot Grid and Car Take Off Point Information:

In order to better control the “Takeoff Point” and “Motorcycle Hot Grid”, PPIHC will provide access cards for each competitor to distribute to 4 team members. The access cards will have the competitors Race Number and Division. These cards will allow access into the Motorcycle Hot Grid when the competitor is preparing to take the green flag.

Once a competitor has received the green flag, those with access passes must leave the designated grid area and proceed to the Ducati Competitor Tracking Area.


  • When the Grid Race Official directs the Motorcycle starting competitor into the Pit Lane, that Pit Lane becomes Hot ahead of the competitor. No one is allowed in the Motorcycle Pit Lane except at the direction of a Race Official, and only the starting Competitor is allowed in the Pit Lane when it is Hot.

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