2017 PPIHC Organization Media Accreditation Process Closes Monday!

Friday, Jun. 9 2017

2017 PPIHC Organization Media Accreditation Process Closes Monday!

This Monday, June 12th is the last day media organizations can submit accreditation applications to cover the 95th running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb brought to you by Gran Turismo.  On-site registration will NOT be available Race Week.  

For those who have yet to submit a Media Organization Accreditation Application, more information on the PPIHC media accreditation process can be found below and the PPIHC Media Organization Accreditation Application can be found HERE.  If you have already submitted a Media Organization Accreditation Application, please disregard this message.


The PPIHC has a two stage accreditation process with the first being a Media Organization Accreditation Application and the second, an Accredited Race Media Representative Registration Form.

The Media Organization Accreditation Application is a blanket application for media organizations seeking accreditation to cover the PPIHC.  The PPIHC will use the information submitted in this application to determine each organizations accreditation status and level; Official Race Media, Special Access Media or Declined.  This application should be submitted by the supervisor (editor, director, producer, ect.) that will be sending representatives to cover the PPIHC on assignment for their organization; this application only needs to be completed once.  Media Organization Accreditation Applications must be received by the PPIHC prior to Monday, June 12, 2017.  On-site registration will NOT be available Race Week.

Once the PPIHC has reviewed each organization’s accreditation application, the supervisor who had originally submitted the application will receive an accreditation confirmation letter notifying them of their organizations accreditation status and level.  Confirmation emails will include a link to the Accredited Race Media Representative Registration Form for organizations that have been accredited as Official Race Media or Special Access Media.

Once a supervisor has received the link to the Accredited Race Media Representative Registration Form, they will need to share it with the representatives attending the PPIHC to cover the race on assignment for their organization.  Representatives attending the PPIHC for your organization will need to complete the Accredited Race Media Representative Registration Form prior to 11:59PM (Mountain Standard Time) on Saturday, June 17, 2017 to reserve their credential for Race Week.  On-site registration will NOT be available Race Week.


Due to Pikes Peak’s unique racing environment there is a limited amount of space and resources available to the PPIHC throughout Race Week; therefore, the PPIHC reserves two levels of media accreditation: Official Race Media and Special Access Media. The Official Race Media accreditation level is reserved for media outlets providing general race coverage for their audiences or other news distribution with a documented history of news and events coverage. The Special Access Media accreditation level is reserved for media outlets that are attending the PPIHC to cover select vehicles, competitors, and teams. Official Race Media credentials are free of charge and Special Access Media credentials are $50 (USD) each.


– Credential requests must be submitted by the editor, sports editor, sports director or sports producer.


– Only news organizations including a daily or approved weekly/monthly newspapers, national news/motorsport organizations or magazines/periodicals, internet-based news organizations or motorsport sites, national television/radio networks and local television stations, and photo agencies are eligible to be accredited as Official Race Media.

1) News organizations and photo agencies covering individual or select groups of competitors will be accredited as Special Access Media.

2) Employees in marketing, promotions, sales, advertising, public relations, etc. will be accredited as Special Access Media as well.

– Freelance journalists must be on assignment and included on the application form submitted by the news agency’s editor.

– Credentials will be issued to authorized personnel only for the purpose of providing timely coverage of the event.

All applications will be carefully screened and applicants will be notified of their accreditation status via e-mail within ten business days of being submitted to the PPIHC.  If your organization is approved for accreditation, the PPIHC will send you a link to an additional credential registration form that must be submitted by each individual representing your organization at the 2017 edition of the PPIHC. Representatives must be at least 18 years old as of June 19, 2017 in order to be eligible for media credentials.


Please contact Mitch Snow, PPIHC Director of Promotion & Legacy, at with any questions regarding PPIHC media accreditation.

If you would like to learn more about rookies competing in the 2017 PPIHC Car Program please click HERE.  A similar document with information on rookies competing in the 2017 PPIHC Motorcycle Program will be made available shortly.

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