Motorcycle Race Day Bulletin

Thursday, Jun. 1 2017

Motorcycle Race Day Bulletin

Posted Online: June 1, 2017

Last Updated: June 1, 2017

Motorcycle Grid/Race Day:

This year’s Race will have the following starting procedure for Motorcycle Division competitors. Please review the illustration of the Ducati Hot Grid at the end of this bulletin.

Race Day Staging Protocol:  Motorcycle and Quad Competitors will move from their pits to be staged in the Ducati Hot Grid by an official in order of class and qualifying time by 7:30am.  This grid is on pit row, driver’s right, just downhill from the Short Stop food trailer. There will be 10 covered spaces made up of 2 grid positions each. Each grid position will have an electrical power outlet for tire warmers.  Motorcycle teams will be assigned one grid position each and Quad Teams will be assigned two grid positions for their start.  (Grid position assignments will be available after qualifying on Friday.)

When directed by the grid race official, each competitor will launch from their designated grid position, one at a time, and advance up the fenced-off Hot Pit Lane to the Starter/Flagman who will signal the competitor when to start their run.  Pit lane speed is not to exceed 15 MPH.

As the grid empties, the staging official will direct the remainder of the field into their grid spaces to await their turn to start.

All riders will leave the Start Line one rider at a time and there will be a minimum of a one minute gap between riders.  All vehicles must be mobile on the starting grid, no exceptions. No ATV’s or trailers will be allowed on the Ducati Hot Grid.

In order to better control the “Takeoff Point” and “Motorcycle Hot Grid”, PPIHC will provide access cards for each competitor to distribute to 4 team members. The access cards will have the competitors Race Number and Division. These cards will allow access into the Motorcycle Hot Grid when the competitor is preparing to take the green flag.

Once a competitor has received the green flag, those with access passes must leave the designated grid area and proceed to the Ducati Competitor Tracking and Restart Area where they will stand-by until they receive confirmation that their rider reached the summit.

Other Race Day Meeting Notes

A mandatory Riders Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 7:00am.  The meeting will be held at the Fan Experience Zone (upper pits).  Any competitor who fails to attend this meeting will be subject to a penalty, unless excused by the Assistant Director of Competition or his designee.

If a rider is “red flagged” during their race run, they will be given instructions by a course official on returning to the Start Line/Ducati Hot Grid.

All competitors will be held at the Summit until the race is completed and will return to the Start Line in the Parade of Champions.

The top three finishers in each class must immediately report to the designated impound area in the motorcycle pits once they return from the Summit.  Any rider/driver who finishes in the top three in their division and fails to immediately report to the impound area will be disqualified.

Motorcycle Practice Format Change

On Tuesday, June 20, 2017 we will attempt a slightly different practice format for the Motorcycle Division. We will conduct 20-minute practice sessions, after the first sighting run. All riders must participate in the initial sighting run. Riders will be started at the same interval as in the past, but the last rider will be released at 20 minutes. After the last rider is released, the sweep riders will proceed to the end of the section and escort the group back to the start of the section. The entire run should be completed in approximately 30 minutes. The only instance in which the 2-minute rule will be used is if it has been less than 20 minutes and no other riders present to the starting line.

This change should allow a more efficient practice session. Based on the outcome of Tuesday’s session, the system will be reevaluated and a determination will be made regarding whether or not the 20-minute session format will be used for the remaining practice sessions, Wednesday through Friday.

2017 Motorcycle Program Race Day Run Order

The motorcycle program will run slowest to fastest based upon qualifying times (regardless of division or class). The bikes will not run in any specific division/class order.

Ducati Hot Grid


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