Motorcycle & Quad Tire Addendum

Monday, Apr. 17 2017

Motorcycle & Quad Tire Addendum

 Posted Online: 4/17/2017

Last Updated: 4/17/2017

Addendum to the 2017 Rule Book 4.17.2017-001

The below text in blue has been modified and added for the 2017 race under General Competition Rules; Motorcycle & Quad Safety and Construction; 4. Wheels & Tires; 4.A of the 2017 Rule Book.


Motorcycle & Quad Safety and Construction

  1. Wheels & Tires –

A. DOT and manufactured race tires are allowed. No tire can be grooved or modified in any way.  Slick tires cannot be grooved or modified in any way. Grooving of tires manufactured with a tread pattern is allowed if grooving is done to tire manufacturer’s recommendations.

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