NEW Pit Space Management Bulletin

Wednesday, Apr. 5 2017

2017 NEW Pit Space Management Bulletin

 Posted Online: April 5, 2017

Last Updated: April 20, 2017 (changes in red)

Please note, 2017 pit space and trailer management is completely new and different from prior years.  It is imperative that all competitors read this thoroughly.  Action is required on pit space requests for Race Day.

Practice Days Pit Information:

  • During Practice days, the following locations will be designated as pit areas:
    • Bottom Section – PPIHC Pits (No pit parking on the shoulder unless Premier Pit Row space has been reserved.)
    • Middle Section – Glen Cove
    • Top Section – Devil’s Playground (No parking outside of the Devil’s Playground parking lot.)
  • Practice day pit requirements:
    • No motor homes allowed for competitors or crew members.
    • Motorcycle Competitors – Combined length of tow/support vehicle and trailer cannot exceed 30 feet (more details below).
    • Car Competitors – Maximum combined length of tow/support vehicle and trailer is 60 feet (more details below)
    • Each competitor who has purchased Premier Pit Row space (shoulder along the side of the road) at the Start Line, has it reserved for Practice days as well as Race Day. It is crucial that no competitor park on pit row during Practice/Qualifying days unless you have purchased Premier Pit Row space.  Parking in the Bottom Section during Practice/Qualifying is restricted to the PPIHC pit area (unless Premier Pit Row space has been purchased).
  • Motorcycle-Specific:
    • Each entry will be limited to one (1) support vehicle during all Practice days. No additional vehicles will be allowed without prior approval.
  • The preassigned Start Line pit spaces/upgraded pit spaces/power pedestals discussed below are located inside the PPIHC pits, and are for RACE Day only. The PPIHC pit area at the Start Line during Practice days will not be preassigned.

Race Day PPIHC Pit Information:

  • Pit Space Parameters and Assignments FOR RACE DAY ONLY:
  • Each competitor (who does not choose an upgrade) will receive a 20’ (foot) X 12’ (foot) space for pit parking on Race Day. These spaces will be marked in the PPIHC Pit Area and at no time will any part of a competitor’s vehicle and/or pit setup be allowed outside of these space parameters.  All spaces will be preassigned.  PPIHC will not restrict what is inside of each pit space, but there is no leeway for extra space outside of these dimensions.
  • Gas Pump Area Parking:
    • PPIHC has arranged for an area to park and stage one tow vehicle and trailer outside of the pit area. Click here to view map.  Once the competitor has unloaded and pitted in their assigned space, one support vehicle and one tow vehicle can be stored at the Gas Pump area that can be found on driver’s right, one mile below the Start Line area.  Parking passes will be needed for this area (which will be picked up by the competitor during race week at Registration).
    • After the conclusion of the event on Race Day, as the competitors descend from the Summit and spectators are released for a downhill exit, there will be NO uphill traffic. All traffic, at the conclusion of the race, will be two lanes downhill on the Pikes Peak Highway.  In an effort to allow teams and competitors to load and exit post-race, PPIHC has worked with the Forest Service, Colorado Springs Utilities, and Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain, to allow for one-time access on a back road from the Gas Pump Area to the pits (one-way, uphill traffic only).  Click here to view map.  This road is a bit narrow, so trailers towed on this back road are limited to 30 feet. This will allow crew members to get their trailer and support vehicle up to the pit area to load.  These loaded vehicles will then exit the pits and join downhill traffic on the Pikes Peak Highway.  Once the race is completed, under no circumstances, is the following allowed:
      • Uphill traffic on Pikes Peak Highway
      • Downhill traffic on the access road
    • Competitors also have the option (as long as impounds do not occur) of bypassing the PPIHC pits, on their descent from the Summit, and going directly to the Gas Pump area to load. They may then exit down the Pikes Peak Highway. 
    • There is a shuttle that will run from the Start Line area (driver’s left just downhill from the pits) to take crew members to the Gas Pump Area on Race Day only. This shuttle will not run after the Competitors start their decent from the Summit and reach Glen Cove. Crews must plan accordingly.

Catamount Road Permit Parking

  • Each competitor will have the opportunity to purchase one parking pass for an additional car (no trailers) down Catamount Road (click here for map) for crew members. The cost for this is $25/car and is limited to one p
  • er competitor. The cars will be parked in the order in which they arrive.  Catamount Road is a dirt road which extends north from the pits.  All passengers in these cars must be fully prepared to walk uphill to the pit area as the parking could extend north over a mile.
  • This vehicle is also a good place to store extra supplies since it will be relatively close to the Pit Area.

Other Race Day Pit Amenities and Options:

  • Power:
    • A select few pit spaces come with access to power. The power pedestal and all outlets will be available to the competitor who purchases the pedestal.  A picture of the plugs and outlets available on each pedestal can be found here. To reserve a pit spot with power, the cost is $200.  The pedestals will be locked, but a key will be given to each competitor who purchases a power pedestal during Registration.  The PPIHC is not responsible for a blown fuse due to a power overload from competitor’s usage. PPIHC recommends that each competitor who purchases a power pedestal, also bring backup power.  To reserve and pay for a spot with power, click here.   Please note that no international adapters will be provided by PPIHC.  These power pedestals are not equipped to charge electric vehicles.
  • For competitors who wish to upgrade the space of their Race Day pit area, there are two options available:
    • Reserve Premier Pit Row Space
      • Premier Pit Row space is the area along the shoulder of the Pikes Peak Highway near the Start Line. It is reserved for PPIHC sponsors and available for purchase to a limited number of competitors.  Each competitor who purchases Premier Pit Row space will have access to this space for Practice and their specific Qualifying day (in the Bottom Section) as well as for Race Day.  For pricing and more information regarding Premier Pit Row Space, please contact
    • ***SOLD OUT*** Upgrade to a larger pit area in the PPIHC Pits. Contact for waitlist information.
      • If competitors do not feel that the 20’ X 12’ space is sufficient, a select number of larger spaces are available for purchase. These spaces are 40’ X 12’, twice the length of the standard spaces.  The cost for an upgraded space is $500.  To purchase an upgraded space, please click here.

Action Items:

  • Please click here to select one of the following:
    • Standard Space (20’ x 12’) These will be pre-assigned and are provided at no additional charge.
    • Power (for standard space (20’ X 12’) or upgraded space (40’ X 12’). Pedestals are limited and may be purchased on a first come, first served basis.  Access to power will only be guaranteed for Race Day.
    • ***SOLD OUT*** Upgraded/expanded space (40’ X 12’). Contact for waitlist information. Upgraded spaces are limited and purchased on a first come, first served basis. The upgraded space is only available for Race Day.
    • Purchase a Catamount Road Parking Pass ($25 each)
    • Deadline: April 15, 2017

Next Steps:

  • Once all competitors have selected their pit choice, PPIHC will pre-assign pit spaces and setup requirements. All competitors need to be prepared to setup their pits on Saturday, June 24, 2017 between 12:00pm-6:00pm.  Specific setup arrival times will be based upon pit space assignment.  Additionally, this will allow ample time for competitors to coordinate with those pitting next to them to share resources as needed.

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