2017 PPIHC Competitor Footage Opportunities Bulletin

Friday, Feb. 24 2017

2017 PPIHC Competitor Footage Opportunities

 Posted Online: 2/24/2017
Last Updated: 2/24/2017

Mountain Video Package:

PPIHC/Windstar Studios will have eight (8) video cameras placed on the course on Race Day. These cameras will capture each competitors run as they pass the eight different camera points (Start line, 9 Mile, Halfway Picnic Grounds, 11 Mile Water Station, Glen Cove, Double Cut, 16 mile, Bottomless Pit, Boulder Park, and Finish Line)*. This video package will include high frame rate/super slow motion shots of the start and finish line. The total cost for all camera clips is $1,250 per competitor if registered before June 1st. After June 1st the total cost will be $1,400 per competitor. Both prices include video transfer fees. This is a cost effective opportunity to acquire multiple angles of your race up Pikes Peak and can be edited together with your personal in-car cameras to showcase sponsors and supporters.

Click here to sign-up:

An example of the footage can be found here: 10-Vietch.mp4

Helicopter Footage:

Limited spots are available for those interested in helicopter footage.  For those who sign up and pay the $3,000 fee, PPIHC will provide general helicopter scenic shots from the 95th Running as well as specific competitor runs up Pikes Peak- America’s Mountain.  The footage will be taken from a Cineflex camera and will be high definition in quality.  The footage will be available for download at the start line on race day.  For more information, please contact PPIHC (

Mountain Video Package/ Helicopter Footage Usage:

The footage CAN be used for personal and promotional purposes. Please contact the PPIHC for a licensing agreement only if you plan to use the footage for commercial purposes.

Sign-up Deadline:

The last day to sign up for any footage is Friday June 16, 2017.

*Camera locations are subject to change.

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