Wednesday, Jun. 8 2016

Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain Protocol Bulletin

Posted Online: June 8, 2016


The following will be strictly enforced:

  • Under no circumstances is the parking lot at Santa’s Workshop to be used for parking of passenger vehicles, race vehicles, and/or trailers of competitors and/or teams at any time.
  • The speed limit on the Pikes Peak Highway is strictly enforced during public hours. Speeding on the Pikes Peak Highway may result in a PPIHC penalty and/or fine.
  • When testing and practice days are over, it is imperative to remember that tourists are coming up Pikes Peak and the road is open to the general public. Two-way traffic rules are in place, and competitors need to use extreme caution when going downhill.
  • During practice and testing, when coming downhill between runs, competitors must stay in their lane, follow two-way traffic rules, and drive at, or under, the speed limit.
  • The road is turned over to Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain at 8:30am on all testing and practice days. Competitors will need to depart their designated pit area by 9:30am each day.
  • If competitors would like to spend additional time on Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain past 9:30am, they will need to leave Pikes Peak, and then come back through the Gateway and pay the toll as a tourist. Only street legal cars will be allowed to be on Pikes Peak during public hours and all drivers must adhere to all traffic speed limits and laws.  If any competitor is found on the mountain without having paid the toll fee during public hours and/or violating any traffic laws, you may be subject to a PPIHC penalty and/or fine.

Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain is a public toll road 364 days of the year.  We must respect the time that we are allowed to use the road and surrounding areas.   Competitors who are not able to adhere to these rules may be penalized.

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