Post-Race Traffic/Celebration Information

Monday, Jun. 6 2016

Post-Race Traffic/Celebration Information

Posted Online: June 5, 2016

The PPIHC is concerned and anticipates additional congestion at the Start Line and Pit Area on Pikes Peak immediately following the 2016 race with the traditional Post-Race Awards Ceremony having been scheduled for Monday, June 27, 2016.  To help reduce this, the PPIHC has a few updates:

Post-Race Pit Celebration/Management:

Following the completion of the race, all race vehicles (except those with Pit Row Space) will be directed to the Pit Area after returning to the Start Line/Pit Area.  It is likely that vehicles will be held there, until spectator traffic has cleared (specific vehicles may be impounded per instruction of Race Officials).

PPIHC asks for all competitors to be cognizant and use extreme caution while leaving the Pits and merging with spectator traffic.  The PPIHC will be working to get thousands of spectators off of Pikes Peak in a safe and timely manner, and will release the impound of all vehicles when the majority of spectators have passed through the Start Line/Pit Area.  This will reduce congestion and/or the chance for accidents after completion of the race.

The VIP tent will open up to competitors and crew for photo opportunities (we will have banners up). The bike Hot Grid area will also be available for post-race celebrations.

Requirement for all Bike and Car Pit Competitors:

Any race vehicle left out on the Highway (including Pit Row) is subject to disqualification.  The Highway must remain clear for spectator traffic.

Requirement for all Pit Row Competitors:

After completion of the race, PPIHC cannot have vehicles (tow, trucks, and trailers) on the road impeding two-lane downhill fan traffic.   Therefore, Pit Row competitors will not be allowed to load their vehicle once downhill spectator traffic has been released.  Competitors will be able to drive their vehicle back into their space to park, but cannot load due to the fan traffic.   Any other displays can be loaded up prior to downhill fan traffic.  Once spectators have been released downhill, if you have pit row space – the display takedown cannot be outside of the white lines and on the road until downhill traffic has subsided.  If anyone’s display is over the white line and onto the road during this time, the competitor will be subject to disqualification.

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