Pit Row and Highway Access Bulletin

Monday, Jun. 6 2016

Pit Row and Highway Access Bulletin

Posted Online: June 5, 2016

The following rules will be strictly enforced for PPIHC Practice, Qualifying Days, and Race Day:

-No competitors are allowed to pit and/or park on any portion of the Pikes Peak Highway road surface at any time.  All competitors need to be parked and pitted in the designated parking and/or pit parking spots.

-Pit row space is the area along the shoulder of the road by the Start Line.  It is reserved for PPIHC sponsors and available for purchase to a limited amount of competitors.  Each competitor who purchases pit row space will have their space for practice and qualifying days, as well as on race day.  For those who have purchased pit row space – at no time may any part of a competitor’s vehicle or display be on the road or past the white line.

-If any competitor’s vehicle and or pit support vehicles are on pit row without purchase and/or over the white line and on the road, the competitor will be subject to penalty and/or a fine.

Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain is a public toll road 364 days of the year.  We must respect the time that we are allowed to use the road and understand that the road is open to the general public immediately after the reserved testing and practice times are over.

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