PPIHC Phone App and Beacon Installation

Wednesday, Jun. 10 2015

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with KS Technologies.  KS Technologies is producing the first ever PPIHC iPhone application.  Below is a note/update directly from them:


To enhance the spectator experience this year, KS Technologies would like to give you the option to install a beacon in your vehicle.  With your assistance, we would zip tie the device (about the same size as a key fob) to your roll cage or fender, likely front-center and definitely out of site) at Tech Inspect on Monday and gather the device at the Summit on Sunday.  The beacon transmits a low power Bluetooth signal that can be detected by any spectator’s iPhone device within about 150 feet of your vehicle, displaying basic information about you and your vehicle live and on their app.  Since you will have the beacons installed on Sunday, they will allow any spectators on the Mountain or at Fan Fast to learn about you and your vehicle.  Even better, Internet is not required for this to work, so spectators all up and down the mountain will be able to immediately identify you on your run.

This is completely optional, but we’re hoping this further increases fan involvement throughout the week here in Colorado Springs.  If you have questions about the technology, don’t hesitate to ask!


Bob Kressin

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