Weather Bulletin

Tuesday, Jun. 9 2015

The City of Colorado Springs broke an 80 year rainfall record for the month of May this year. The rainfall in Colorado Springs translated to snow on Pikes Peak. The PPIHC and Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain staff have been doing everything possible to prepare the road for 93rd Running of the PPIHC; however, due to the unprecedented amount of snow and rain that has fallen there are still large amounts of snow on Pikes Peak. Please be aware that there may be running water on the course as well as the potential of ice and snow in some spots. It is recommended that all competitors bring tires that are appropriate for all the weather conditions that are possible on Pikes Peak (including wet and cold temps). For safety reasons, if the Director of Competition, Safety Director, and/or Race Director do not feel your tires are adequate for the condition of the course, you may be denied access to run the road. We will work to give updates as frequently as possible. The conditions on Pikes Peak can change on a daily and hourly basis. PPIHC Officials and staff are monitoring the conditions each and every day. Please also review the following section in the rule book: Part XIV section 4.0.

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