2015 AMA Sanctioning

Monday, May. 11 2015

In our continued effort to improve all aspects of our event, we are partnering with Honda and the American Motorcyclist Association to elevate safety for our competitors. The PPIHC recently reached an agreement with the American Motorcyclist Association to sanction our event and provide inflatable air fencing along the sections of the course to improve the safety for our motorcycle competitors.

Part of this change requires that participants racing motorcycles be a member of AMA. Many of you are already members. If you are not a member of AMA, you will be eligible to receive an event membership to cover your fee for the 2015 race. This will come at no additional cost to you as the competitor. Honda has generously offered to cover all fees associated with the AMA event membership.

During registration for this year’s event, AMA will have a representative on site to assist in the membership process. Non-members can quickly and easily sign up for their event membership by stopping by the AMA table in the registration room.

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