Seat Belt Expiration Clarification Bulletin

Friday, Mar. 20 2015

The PPIHC rule for seat belt expiration is a maximum of 2 years from the manufactured date as stated in 7.12 on page 26 of the 2015 Rule Book:

7.12 Belts must have a manufacturer’s stamped date not to exceed two (2) years. A competitor may be asked to change belts if the Director of Competition determines the existing belts are unsafe.


Seat belts that are only stamped or labeled with an expiration date are deemed good for 5 years by the manufacturer. The calculation for these belts by the PPIHC staff is as follows;

Subtract 5 years from the expiration date assigned to the seat belts by the manufacturer; add 2 years and that is the expiration date recognized by the PPIHC staff during the inspection process.

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