Electric Production Motorcycle Bulletin  

Wednesday, Mar. 4 2015

All electric production motorcycles must have a stock appearance.  All production electric motorcycles must have a production headlight, brake light and turn signals as equipped as an OMV.  All headlights, tail lights and turn signals must be made of shatter proof material or neatly taped if containing glass.  See 2015 PPIHC rulebook page 76, 1B for further details.


Additionally, remember that electric production bike must be available and/or accessible to be purchased by the general public.


For recharging purposes, competitors in the Electric Modified and Electric Production Motorcycle Classes will be allowed to use a practice motorcycle, other than their approved Race Day motorcycle, on Tuesday, June 23, Wednesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 25, 2015 only.  The practice motorcycle must be safe and have numbers as detailed in the 2015 PPIHC rulebook on pages 65 and 66.  The practice motorcycle must be presented at technical inspection (along with the competitor’s race day bike) on June 22, 2015.  No bike will be allowed to practice on Pikes Peak that has not gone through official Technical Inspection.


All electric motorcycle competitors must take at least one practice run on their approved Race Day bike, during practice on June 24th and June 25th.  Competitors will only be allowed to use their approved Race Day bike during qualifying runs on Friday, June 26th.”

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