2014 Time Attack 2 Clarification

Wednesday, Mar. 12 2014

The following is meant to clarify the intent of the Time Attack 2 class:

  • All modifications made to vehicles participating in the Time Attack 2 class must be OVM and have a part number from the manufacturer with the exception of internal transmission parts, internal engine parts and specific safety items.

The intent of the Time Attack 2 class is to showcase production vehicles as close to “stock” as possible.

If you wish to change divisions or classes, please refer to Part VII 7.1.1 of the General Competition Rules located in the 2014 PPIHC Rulebook.

7.1.1-Once the entry period closes and an entry is accepted for participation in a specific division, substitutions are permitted with approval from the Director of Competition or his designee. The vehicle may not move to another division even if it meets the specifications of the new division and does not meet the specifications of the entered division, without the approval of the Race Director. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

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