2014 Qualifying Information and Race Day Run Order

Monday, Mar. 3 2014

2014 Run Order

Bike Program Part #1

Pikes Peak Challenge: Vintage

Pikes Peak Challenge- 250

Pikes Peak Challenge- UTV/Exhibition (2 wheeled vehicles)

Electric- Production

Electric- Modified

Pikes Peak Lightweight

Pikes Peak Middleweight

Pikes Peak Open


Car Program

The cars will run fastest to slowest based upon qualifying times (regardless of which division or class).  The cars will not run in any specific division/class order.


Bike Program Part #2

Pikes Peak Challenge- Sidecar

Pikes Peak Challenge- Quad

Pikes Peak Challenge- UTV/Exhibition (remainder of the UTV/Exhibition class)


Within each bike class/division listed, the competitors will grid and race fastest to slowest based upon qualifying times.  There will be no intermission between the Bike Program Part #1 and the Car program to bring the bikes back down the hill.


Qualifying Information

Currently there are approximately 80 car and 80 bike entries signed up for the 2014 race.

Please be reminded of the following rules which are stated in the 2014 rule book.

–          The PPIHC shall be allowed to add to the field at its discretion (Part VIII, subsections 8.2.4 and 8.2.5)

–          8.2.5 The number of qualifiers for any division shall be established by the PPIHC Board of Directors, Staff, Race Director, Director of Competition, and Assistant to the Director of Competition. If the field is bigger than the target number, it will be trimmed beginning with the slowest vehicle in the field (or a particular division) until the field reaches the target number. The Director of Competition and Assistant to the Director of Competition may disqualify a vehicle completing a qualifying run for any reason including if it is measurably slower than other entries in the division. “Measurably slower” is any vehicle that is outside of 115% of the fastest qualifier within each division/class. If however, too many vehicles are eliminated by using the 115% rule, the field will be filled with the fastest vehicles outside of 115%.

If you would like to withdrawal from the race as a result of this announcement of the qualifying rules, contact PPIHC by March 7, 2014.

Entry numbers are approximate and will fluctuate slightly as PPIHC is still reviewing applications.

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