2014 Competitor Paperwork Checklist

Thursday, Oct. 31 2013

Request for Invitation Forms  

(The following items must be submitted for the race committee to review your request)

Completed Request for Invitation

All items including detailed race history must be completed for it to be reviewed


If your application is not accepted by the race committee, your money will be refunded

Picture or rendering of Vehicle (drivers only)(due with registration)

All drivers must submit a picture or rendering of the vehicle as it is to be raced.  Upload this with your registration or e-mail t hem to

Proof of expert license (rookie riders only)   (due with registration)

All Rookie Riders must submit an expert or professional license from a recognized motorcycle racing organization along with their application. Applications will not be “complete” until this is received.

Accepted Competitor Forms

(If you are accepted into the race the following forms must be submitted prior to race week)

Electronic Media Form (due April 1, 2014)

Click here to fill out the electronic media form.  The exact information you put in the form will be used for the 2014 program.  Please be cognizant of grammar and spelling.

Head Shot/ Personal Photograph (due April, 1 2014)

E-mail or mail one current head shot that is a minimum of 2″ X 2″. You can submit photos via e-mail to or mail them to the address below. Photos are not needed for sidecar passengers.

Physical Form (due June 1, 2014)

The Physical Examination Form needs to be completed and signed by your physician.  If you have a current license from another sanctioning body (i.e. SCCA or FIA) you will not need to complete the Physical Examination Form.  You will be asked to show proof of this documentation at registration Click here to download the physical.

Race Week Documentation

(If you are accepted into the race the following forms will be submitted during race week at registration)

Medical Insurance

All drivers/riders must have medical insurance at the time of any PPIHC sanctioned event to participate.  Copies of proof of insurance must be provided at registration.

Driver’s License

All drivers/riders must have a current driver’s license. Copies of licenses will be made at registration.

Terms of Acceptance

Copies will be available at registration during race week.

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