2013 Race Day Run Order

Monday, Jun. 17 2013

2013 Race Day Run Order- 4/18/2013

Updates in red: 6/16/2013


All divisions will run as to the order which is set.  All competitors will run fastest to slowest (based on qualifying) within their division.  PPIHC will release the run order as soon as possible on Friday June 28th (ideally, 5:00pm).  The run order will be based on qualifying times; however PPIHC reserves the right to adjust the order for footage and broadcasting needs.  Competitors who have been moved for this purpose will be noted on the official run order with an asterisk *.

Bike Divisions:

Pikes Peak 1205

Pikes Peak Superbike 750

Heavyweight Supermoto

Pikes Peak 450

Pikes Peak 250

Quad Modified

Vintage Motorcycle

Side Car

Exhibition  Power sports

Exhibition  Power sports-Z

Break to escort the bikes down from the summit/New Car Parade

Car Divisions:


Time Attack


Open Wheel

Pikes Peak Open


Pikes Peak Vintage


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