Four-Time Undefeated Quad Champ Returns to Pikes Peak in 2013

Thursday, Jun. 13 2013

Colorado Springs, June 10, 2013 ——- Steve Tutt, holder of multiple speed records in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb returns to attempt to extend his reign on the mountain.

Tutt, who had successfully held the entire field at bay three times with record setting runs in the Quad class, found himself in a tough spot last year when the Quad and Quad Modified classes were combined. “I knew what my Honda could do, and I had a pretty good idea of what the modifieds were running, so I was nervous.” He says about his 2012 victory on the mountain. “They put our classes together and I knew we were going to have to have a really solid run to be in the hunt.”


2012 was the first year that the entire course was going to be paved, which really changed things for everyone, but Tutt was facing an even bigger dilemma; how to shave another minute off of his best time in order to stay with the Quad Modified racers. “We had been testing my 450 with an APT SmartCarb and we were really impressed with the extra power we were seeing and because it is fully altitude adjusting, I knew I would have the whoop I needed all the way up.” Says Tutt.

Tutt dominated the class once again in 2012 with an astonishing 11:40:521, nearly 13 seconds faster than the second place competitor and nearly a full minute faster than his record setting 2011 winning run up the mountain. Enough to pull off an unprecedented fourth Quad Class win. “I knew the run felt good but there was some confusion at the top after I finished and I had no idea how the rest of the guys did, so I was pretty excited when they handed me the checkered flag.”

For 2013, Steve is making some changes to his Honda with a significantly lighter frame and some additional power tweaks to the engine. “We have a better power to weight ratio than what we have had before, more like the modified guys have been coming with, so I think I can pull off a really quick run this year,” Tutt says. “You never want to be cocky because you just don’t know what the mountain is going to throw at you, plus the class has gotten super fast…but I do like my chances.”

Tutt will stay with his primary sponsor for 2013; American Performance Technologies, manufacturer of the SmartCarb fuel system. CEO Wayne Patterson comments: “Steve has gone out and proven what we’ve been saying about the SmartCarb in a very big and positive way. We are really proud of the whole team and their accomplishments at Pikes Peak and we are looking forward to Steve extending his victories to five undefeated runs.”

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