Motorcycle/ATV/Powersports Race Day Bulletin

Thursday, Apr. 18 2013


A mandatory riders and drivers meeting will be held on pit road, near the Red Bull bus on driver’s right.  This meeting is on Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 7:00am. Any rider/driver who fails to attend the meeting will be subject to a penalty, unless excused by the Assistant Director of Competition or his designee.

At 7:45 am, all motorcycle competitors will begin to line on the grid. It is imperative each rider be ready to stage promptly at 7:45 am, so the first rider can leave the starting line at 8:00 am.  All motorcycle/ATV/Exhibition Powersports competitors will be staged by division.  All divisions will run as to the order which is set.  All competitors will run fastest to slowest (based on qualifying) within their division.

All riders will leave the starting line one rider at a time. There will be a 20 second gap between each rider and a 2 minute break between each class. All riders are required to stage in their place in the running order. The running order within each division will be posted after the motorcycle/ATV/ Exhibition Powersports qualifying on Friday, June 28, 2013. All vehicles must be mobile on the starting grid; there will be no exceptions to this rule. No additional ATV’s or trailers will be allowed on the starting grid.

Prior to the first rider leaving the starting line, two sweep riders will leave the starting line in route to the summit.  After the last rider leaves the starting line, three sweep riders will leave the starting line in route to the summit. Upon arrival of the second set of sweep riders, all riders will be led down from the summit to the starting line in one group with two sweep riders in the front and three in the rear.  All riders MUST report to the starting line or they will be disqualified. All riders will be accounted for both up and down the race course.  Any rider who is unable for any reason to proceed from the summit to the starting line must immediately notify a sweep rider or race official.  No downhill traffic will be allowed during the break between the motorcycle/ATV/ Exhibition Powersports division other than the one pack being escorted by sweep riders. No riders will be allowed to impede the progress of the pack returning to the starting line while going from the summit to the starting line.  Any rider seen impeding the progress of riders returning to the starting line will be disqualified.  The bringing down of riders from the summit to the start before the cars begin their race runs is a privilege and any rider who disrupts the process will be disqualified. All riders must proceed through the starting line area one at a time so as the riders can be counted and accounted for.

If a rider pulls off the course on their race run, they must not return downhill until the entire field returning to the start line during the break, passes their position and they can fall in with the field.  If a rider is “red flagged” during their race run, they will be given instructions by a course official on returning to the starting line for a rerun.

The top three finishers in each class must immediately report to the designated impound area in the motorcycle pits once they return from the summit. Any rider/driver who finishes in the top three in their division and fails to immediately report to the impound area will be disqualified.

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