Electric Competitor MSDS

Wednesday, Mar. 27 2013

 All electric competitors must submit the paperwork below to the PPIHC office before May 1, 2013.  Without this paperwork, your entry will be considered incomplete.



61472 A. Battery System – Batteries must be fully contained in enclosures that can be sealed by PPIHC Officials. Enclosures must be equipped with a forced ventilation system rated at least 10cfm. It must operate whenever the battery system is electrically connected to the car. All electric cables must be properly sized to expected system currents. All electric vehicle entries must be accompanied by the MSDS information on all batteries that are considered hazardous or toxic. Failure to provide proper documentation will result in disqualification.

It is imperative that all competitors see the additional updates below and review all safety and rules pertaining to the electric division in the 2013 rule book:


Safety – In addition to those areas addressed in the Electric Vehicle Division’s “Technical Regulations and Special Rules” each car and driver must adhere to safety regulations spelled out in the “Safety Section” of the rule 2013 Rule Book. Any electric powered race car, truck, Motorcycle must be fitted with an audio WARNING system that is a minimum of 120 decibels being measured from three feet from the vehicle and can only be activated from outside the vehicle.


Battery Disconnect – The battery system will be equipped with a manually operated, high-current switch to quickly disconnect the battery from the electrical system. This switch must be capable of interrupting the full load current. The switch must physically be located as near to the battery as practical and be operable from both the driver

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