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Wednesday, Nov. 14 2012

 2013 Tire Rule Addendum- 11/13/2012


Addendum to the 2013 Rule Book: 114-001

The following change is effective immediately to the 2013 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Rule Book:


The following sections of the rule book regarding tires are no longer valid:

–          Page 30, 23.0, 23.1

–          Page 42, 9 (No studded tires are allowed and that portion of the section will not be omitted or changed)

–          Page 52, 18

–          Page 53, 1

–          Page 54, 7

–          Page 61, 11,A, B, C

–          Page 70, 26, B


The section listed above (and any other sections regarding a tire rule) have been changed to read as follows:


There will be no set tire rule for any car or bike division.  Each competitor is required to run on tires that are deemed safe for their particular vehicle and Pikes Peak.   All participants must run tires that they believe are safe for any current or potential weather conditions on Pikes Peak.   

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