PPIHC News & 2018 Rule Book Release

Friday, Oct. 6 2017

PPIHC News & 2018 Rule Book Release

Dear Past, Present and Future PPIHC Competitors,

Fall is upon us. Temperatures have started to drop, tree leaves are turning yellow and the 2018 PPIHC Rule Book has been posted online.  While the majority of the rule book has remained unaltered from the 2017 race, there are a handful of major changes that we would like to bring to your attention.

Please note that even though the 2018 Rule book is posted online, it will not become effective until November 1, 2017 and changes may be made prior to that date. 


One of the most common topics we receive questions on is the Request for Invitation timeline, specifically, in reference to mid-February being too late to learn whether or not you have been invited to compete.  Therefore, in 2018 we will close the Request for Invitation period about three weeks earlier than normal, on January 5, 2018.  Invitation, waitlist and declination letters will be issued on January 16, 2018, a full month earlier than in 2017.

The PPIHC hopes that expediting the Request for Invitation process and providing applicants with the outcome of their request in mid-January will allow invited competitors additional time to prepare, test and tune their race vehicles for June, and to finalize sponsorship agreements for their 2018 campaign.

Request for Invitation Timeline (Subject to Change):

  • October 2017 – Rule Book posted on PPIHC website
  • November 15, 2017 – 2018 PPIHC Request for Invitation Period Opens
  • January 5, 2018 – 2018 PPIHC Request for Invitation Period Closes
  • January 16, 2018 – Competitor Invitations issued for 2018 PPIHC
  • January 18, 2018 – 2018 Competitor List posted on PPIHC website
  • January 31, 2018 – Deadline for competitors to withdraw from the 2018 race, with a refund
  • April 16, 2018 – Deadline for waitlisted competitors to be added to the field


Another topic we commonly receive feedback on is that Race Week is too long and there isn’t enough time throughout the week to prepare vehicles for Race Day.  In an effort to solve this problem, we have moved the optional practice/test and tune session that has been held on the Tuesday of Race Week in recent years to Friday.  The official practice/qualifying sessions will now be held on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Race Week.  With all competitors now completing qualifying before Friday, and Friday’s practice being optional, competitors will have the option to take things easy at the end of the Practice Week and have a full two days to prep their vehicles for Sunday’s race.

June Dates and Timelines (Subject to Change):

  • June 18, 2018 – PPIHC Technical Inspection
  • June 19, 2018 – PPIHC Practice/Qualifying Day #1
  • June 20, 2018 – PPIHC Practice/Qualifying Day #2
  • June 21, 2018 – PPIHC Practice/Qualifying Day #3
  • June 22, 2018 – Optional PPIHC Sanctioned Practice/Test and Tune
  • June 22, 2018 – PPIHC Fan Fest
  • June 23, 2018 – PPIHC Load-in/Pit Set-up Day
  • June 24, 2018 – PPIHC 96th Running


The rule requiring all car divisions/classes outside of the Unlimited Division and Time Attack Division – Time Attack 1 Class to compete on DOT-certified tires has been removed for the 2018 PPIHC Rule Book.  All car competitors will now be allowed to use manufactured race tires in addition to DOT alternatives.  No grooving or modifying of slick tires will be permitted. Grooving will be permitted on tires manufactured with a tread pattern if grooving is done in accordance with the tire manufacturer’s recommendations.


In an effort to keep up with current industry trends and create a larger divide between the Pikes Peak Lightweight and Middleweight Motorcycle Divisions the displacement range for the Pikes Peak Middleweight Division has been increased from 501-750cc to 501-850cc.


Competitors interested in racing in a vehicle originally built for competition on Pikes Peak’s traditional dirt racing surface will be required to submit, with their Request for Invitation, a list of all modifications to make their vehicle suitable to race on the current paved racing surface.


Declining participation in the Time Attack Division’s – Time Attack 2 Production Class has led to its elimination from the general division/class competition structure.  The Time Attack 2 Production Class will be replaced with a new class within the Time Attack Division titled “Pikes Peak Cup.”

The Pikes Peak Cup Class will be reserved for manufacturers, sanctioning bodies, organizations and individuals that have formed partnerships with the PPIHC.  Entrants participating in the Pikes Peak Cup Class will be required to meet the safety requirements outlined in the “Safety & Construction Technical Regulations Section” and adhere to the “General Competition Rules” of the 2018 PPIHC Rule Book.  Additional rules and regulations may be established by outside manufacturers, sanctioning bodies, organizations and individuals in cooperation with the PPIHC.

While Time Attack 2 Production will no longer be considered a class within the PPIHC’s general division/class competition structure; the Time Attack 2 Production rules have been moved to the Records Appendix at the end of the rule book, preserving the opportunity for competitors to challenge for a production record.  Competitors wishing to challenge for a production record under the former Time Attack 2 Production Class rules will have to enter in a recognized division/class and submit a waiver to be inspected for eligibility regarding the record.


After several years of working to improve the infrastructure for competitors participating in the PPIHC, the PPIHC Board of Directors is excited to announce that the Pit Area on Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain is now fully paved.  This project has been ongoing for several years, and would not have been possible without the contributions of many members of the community and local organizations. The PPIHC would like to thank: Mayor John Suthers, Fred Veitch, Bobby Ingels, City of Colorado Springs, Jack Glavan, Pikes Peak- America’s Mountain, Pike National Forest, Colorado Springs Utilities, Martin Marietta, US Forest Service, Rockwell Consulting, Nor’wood Development, and the countless other companies and individuals that devoted their time and energy to make this project happen.


Over the past two years the PPIHC has been working with Ken Block and the Hoonigan Media Machine to film Climbkhana: Pikes Peak, presented by Toyo Tires.  Witness man versus mountain, 14,000ft vs.  Block’s 1,400-horsepower twin-turbo methanol-fueled 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn RTR V2, equipped with Toyo®Proxes® R888R™ tires in the next evolution of Block’s award-winning Gymkhana series. Click HERE to watch now!



Tom Osborne                                                                       Megan Leatham

Chairman of the Board, PPIHC                                              Executive Director, PPIHC

003 – 2018 PPIHC Division/Class Run Order

Wednesday, Sep. 20 2017

Posted Online: September 18, 2017

Last Updated: September 18, 2017

(Subject to Change)

Motorcycle Program

The motorcycle program will run slowest to fastest based upon qualifying times (regardless of division or class). The motorcycles will not run in any specific division/class order.

Car Program

The car program will run fastest to slowest based upon qualifying times (regardless of division or class).  The cars will not run in any specific division/class order.

001 – Request for Invitation Timeline

Wednesday, Aug. 16 2017

001 – Request for Invitation Timeline

 Posted Online: August 16, 2017

Last Updated: August 16, 2017

(Subject to Change)


October, 2017 – Rule Book posted on PPIHC website

November 15, 2017 – 2018 PPIHC Request for Invitation Period Opens

January 5, 2018 – 2018 PPIHC Request for Invitation Period Closes

January 16, 2018 – Competitor Invitations issued for 2018 PPIHC

January 18, 2018 – 2018 Competitor List posted on PPIHC website

January 31, 2018 – Deadline for competitors to withdraw from the 2018 race, with a refund

April 16, 2018 – Deadline for waitlisted competitors to be added to the field

2018 Race Date Set

Tuesday, Aug. 15 2017

2018 Race Date Set

 Posted Online: August 15, 2017

Last Updated: August 15, 2017

(Subject to Change)


The date for the 2018 race has been set:

            2018—— June 24 (Fan Fest, June 22)


All future races will be tentatively scheduled for the last Sunday in June:

2019—— June 30 (Fan Fest, June 28)

2020—— June 28 (Fan Fest, June 26)

2021—— June 27 (Fan Fest, June 25)

2022—— June 26 (Fan Fest, June 24) (100th Running)

2023—— June 25 (Fan Fest, June 23)

Matchsports Introduces New Era to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb with Successful Live Stream

Friday, Jul. 21 2017

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. – A historic milestone for the world’s most respected hill climb, The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo (PPIHC) was reached in June. Thanks to a partnership with Matchsports, the Race to the Clouds was successfully streamed live for the first time in the race’s 101-year history. Fans from across the globe could view eight hours of uninterrupted, high-definition action, live from Pikes Peak – America’s Mountain including full commentary and pre-recorded Race Week interviews. This successful broadcast has set the bar high for future productions in what is undeniably a new era for both the event and fans alike.

Prior to 2017, no one had been successful in livestreaming the Race to the Clouds to a worldwide audience.  It is well known that Pikes Peak’s unique environment commonly creates technological difficulties for even the simplest of technologies; however, meticulous preparation, tremendous local support and a grueling 20 days on America’s Mountain enabled the PPIHC / Matchsports partnership to rewrite history.

“This is a benchmark result that everyone should be proud of. We have definitely learned a great deal and know a lot more about what to expect. As the event officially enters an era where it can be viewed live, it is now our responsibility to work even harder to create a first-class broadcast for our audience,” explained Matchsports CEO, James Kalogiros.  “We cannot speak highly enough of the hard work put in by everyone on our team or the local support we received during the week to make this successful stream possible. This was an outstanding result on multiple levels for the first year of this long-term partnership.”

Photo by Larry Chen.

“It was clear from the outset that America’s Mountain was going to throw her curve balls. We ran into issues ranging from animals chewing through cables to having to close down entire sections of infrastructure due to last minute weather conditions; but at the end of the day and to everyone’s surprise, fans from around the world were able to see the event live for the first time,” stated Matchsports GM, Peter Berlowitz.  “Now with a year under our belt we will be able to build upon our platform and create a world-class stream of the Race to the Clouds that fans can look forward to witnessing live for years to come.”

Megan Leatham, PPIHC Executive Director, praised the joint effort, stating, “We were amazed by what Matchsports was able to achieve this year.  We have worked with groups in the past that had successfully live streamed content from locations as remote as the stratosphere and were confident they could broadcast live from Pikes Peak with zero issues. Until now no one had been able to overcome the unique challenges that America’s Mountain presents.  A live broadcast was the missing link in elevating the PPIHC to the next level.  This year was a beta test to prove that Matchsports’ technological solution could work on Pikes Peak.  Now with a year under our belt, we are looking forward to perfecting the broadcast so we can show audiences around the world why the Race to the Clouds is one of, if not the most, challenging and prestigious motorsport event on earth.”

Fans who missed the action live on Race Day are in luck and will be able to view the broadcast at their convenience in the coming weeks when a polished version is made available to the public.

Six Drivers and Riders Shatter Previous Records At The 2017 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Tuesday, Jul. 18 2017

Six Drivers and Riders Shatter Previous Records At The 2017 Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

Colorado Springs——-Records Are Made To Be Broken was a dominant theme for this year’s Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo.

A lineup of 51 autos and 29 motorcycles was poised for glory and despite intermittent weather issues on America’s Mountain seven new records, two set by rookies, were posted during the 95th running of the Race to the Clouds on June 25, confirmation of the savvy and skills of the competitors in America’s second-oldest motorsport race.

“As concerned as all of us were about if the weather would hold out, we ended up having a great day on Pikes Peak,” said PPIHC Executive Director Megan Leatham. “We were rewarded with new records, a great crowd, and no injuries. The level of talent this year was exceptional.”

Confident rookie racer Chris Fillmore (Corona del Mar, CA) made his debut on Pikes Peak a remarkable triumph, breaking two motorcycle records on his 2017 KTM Super Duke 1290R. The former MotoAmerica  Superbike racer set a new 2-Wheel Course Record of 9:49.625 in winning the Pikes Peak Heavyweight Division, also a new mark in that division, and eclipsing the previous overall record of 9:52.819 set by Carlin Dunne on his Ducati Multistrada 1200 in 2012.

Chris Fillmore at Double Cut during his record run. Photo by Jason Zindroski

“I set out with the goal of trying to break the record this year and I wanted to do it as a rookie, so to achieve this is something really special,” Fillmore said. For his stunning performance, he was named the 2017 PPIHC Motorcycle Rookie of the Year.

Another rookie, Peter Cunningham (Milwaukee, WI), drove his 2017 Acura TLX GT to a new mark of 9:33.797 in capturing the Pikes Peak Open Class record, breaking the Class mark of 9:46.181 set by Romain Dumas in 2012 and finishing the day with the second-fastest time on the 12.42 mile course. Cunningham, RealTime Racing’s founder and the winningest driver in Pirelli World Challenge history, was also named the PPIHC Car Rookie of the Year. “There haven’t been that many sub-9:34 laps ever, so it’s elite company, and this car is just really well suited to it,” said Cunningham.

Peter Cunningham during Friday’s practice. Photo by Larry Chen

Codie Vahsholtz, Clint’s son, raced his 2016 Husqvarna Supermoto to a new Pikes Peak Middleweight Division motorcycle record of 10:34.967, breaking the old standard of 10:46.159 set by Eric Piscione in 2014 on his 2013 Ducati Streetfighter. The win was the third of Codie’s young career and has added to the Vahsholtz family’s dominance at Pikes Peak where they have claimed at least one class victory in every edition of the Race to the Clouds since 1993. Leonard Vahsholtz, Codie’s grandfather, won 18 titles on Pikes Peak from 1977-2007.The veteran, Clint Vahsholtz (Woodland Park, CO), notched his 23rd class victory on Pikes Peak, the most by any competitor in the history of the race, winning the Open Wheel Class with a clocking of 9:35.747 behind the wheel of his 2013 Ford Open. Vahsholtz established a new Class record in the process, breaking the old mark of 9:36.496 set by Paul Dallenbach in 2015. His time was the third-fastest of the day.

Codie Vahsholtz practicing in the Middle Section on the Thursday of Race Week.  Photo by Louis Yio

Davey Durelle (Elizabeth, CO) won the Pikes Peak Lightweight Division in a record-setting time of 10:35.354 on his 2009 Aprillia SXV450 breaking the previous record of 10:50.421 set by Codie Vahsholtz in 2015. Durelle, fresh off being inducted into the Colorado Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2016, is the winningest motorcycle competitor in PPIHC history with 18 class victories and six King of the Mountain titles. Durelle got his first motorcycle at age ten, rode in his first race at age eleven, and won his first short-track race in 1978. On Pikes Peak, he won the 750cc Class eight times between 1996 and 2009 and won the 500cc Class four consecutive times, 2002-2005. The motorcycle legend has raced on Pikes Peak since 1996 and set numerous records.

While finishing fourth in the Open Wheel Class with a time of 10:25.989 in his 1995 PVA 2, Spencer Steele (Denver, CO) claimed a new vintage car record.  After the Vintage Car Class was dissolved following the 2016 race, the PPIHC added a section to the rule book that would allow the vintage record to live on and made any vehicle that had previously raced Pikes Peak and was manufactured in 1995 or earlier eligible for it.

Romain Dumas, the French star, chalked up the best time of the day, winning the Unlimited Division for the third time in 9:05.672 in his futuristic-looking 2017 Norma MXX RD Limited. Already a winner in 2012 in the Pikes Peak Open class, and overall victor in 2014 (9:05.801) and 2016 (8:51.445), Dumas made it a triple on this 95th edition of the race to the clouds. It’s a first for a French driver while Norma equals Peugeot as top French manufacturers to win at Pikes Peak. Dumas was named King of the Mountain for the third time as well.

The 2018 Race is set for Sunday, June 24, with the popular Fan Fest scheduled for Friday, June 22 in Downtown Colorado Springs, Olympic City USA.

Complete Results: http://www.ppihc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017-Overall-Results.pdf

Competitor Roster: http://www.ppihc.com/wp-content/uploads/2017-PPIHC-Competitor-List.pdf

Mike Moran  mike@thesportscorp.org

Senior Media Consultant

1631 Mesa Avenue, Suite E

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

(719) 338-9161

June 22 Practice Times

Thursday, Jun. 22 2017

Practice Times

Practice times from this morning, June 22nd, are available for your reference on the PPIHC website.  The bottom section is recorded by our official timing and scoring while the middle and top sections are hand-timed.

Please click here to view the results

2017 Radio Frequency Restricted Use Radio Interference/Frequency Use

Thursday, Jun. 22 2017

2017 Radio Frequency Restricted Use

Radio Interference/Frequency Use

So far this week, the PPIHC has encountered significant issues with communication devices due to radio frequency interference.

The following radio frequencies are restricted for PPIHC Official Use only throughout the 2017 Race and Practice Days:

  • 2412MHz-2484MHz
  • 5100MHz-5900MHz
  • 24.0GHz – 24.2GHz
  • 151.500MHz-151.700MHz VHF
  • 157.500MHz-157.700MHz VHF

Your cooperation is imperative for the safe operation of the race.  Please do not interfere with the above frequencies under any circumstances.

Use of mobile hot spots is not allowed during Race Week or Practice Days.

Race Day On-Course Vehicle Failure

Thursday, Jun. 22 2017


Race Day On-Course Vehicle Failure

Posted Online: 6/22/2017

Last Updated: 6/22/2017

During your run on Race Day, if you experience a vehicle failure and/or have determined that your vehicle will not be able to safely finish the run, please be courteous to the rest of the field.  Attempt to pull your vehicle off the road in a safe location and end your run.

If we can avoid even one on-course breakdown/tow/safety response/course clean up, it will help keep the event running as scheduled.

Can’t Be On The Course? Here’s How You Can Follow The Excitement And Thrills Of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb On June 25th

Thursday, Jun. 22 2017

Can’t Be On The Course?  Here’s How You Can Follow The Excitement And Thrills Of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb On June 25th

Last Updated: June 20, 2017

Colorado Springs——- If you are lucky enough to have a ticket to join some 7,500 spectators, credentialed media and race officials along the 12.42-mile course for the 95th running of The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, brought to you by Gran Turismo, congratulations!

It’s not too late to get your tickets and be there in person to see the drama, excitement and thrills as the lineup of 88 drivers and riders take on the Race to the Clouds and the 14,115-foot summit of Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain.

Ticket sales have moved online!  To expedite entry to the event, and improve traffic flow, tickets will NOT be sold at the Gateway.  Click here to purchase practice day tickets, Race Day tickets and camping permits.

  • Tickets can be purchased throughout Race Week at the various locations listed on the race week schedule.
  • PPIHC may limit the number of tickets sold to the 2017 event.
  • Spectators are not guaranteed a parking spot if specific locations are full.
  • Parking at the spectator viewing areas is on a first come, first served basis.

But You Won’t Have A Ticket?

If you just can’t be up there in the rarified air, here’s a list of ways to follow America’s second-oldest motorsport event and the world’s toughest hill climb from start to finish in your home, auto, or just about anywhere else.

Live Stream

The PPIHC and Matchsports will deliver a high-quality, live broadcast covering the entire race course from start to finish for the first time!  The Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb will be the group’s flagship event in the United States for 2017, with further events steadily building the international IPTV calendar.  The first year of a 10-year partnership will see the PPIHC live-streamed using revolutionary production techniques specifically adapted by Matchsports to overcome Pikes Peak’s many challenges.  Just go to live.matchsports.com/ppihc.html and enjoy the race live.

The host for Matchsports’ presentation of the race will be Ramona Bruland, abroadcast veteran with more than 1,000 hours of live TV experience, who specializes in travel adventure, luxury lifestyle and action sports programming.  In 2013, she was selected as the on-air host for the global expansion of X Games on ESPN, covering six events in five countries that aired in more than 430 million homes across 182 countries. Joining Ramona in the commentary will be ‘Race Smart’ coaches and course experts Carlin Dunne and Don Canet.

KRDO Broadcast

KRDO NewsRadio, the Official Radio

Broadcast Partner of the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, will provide flag to flag coverage of the 95th running of Race to the Clouds.  Listeners have a variety of options to hear the broadcast.  Complete coverage is available on 105.5 FM, 1240 AM, and 92.5 FM.  The broadcast will also be available at www.KRDO.com, and on the KRDO NewsRadio App.

KRDO NewsChannel 13’s anchor Bart Bedsole and KRDO NewsRadio’s Renae Roberts will join Phill Emmert, former PPIHC Board member, Don Sanborn, race historian and former competitor,and veteran race announcers Dave Rose and Jeffrey Orman.  KRDO will announce times at several course locations, as well as speeds achieved through the fastest section, Halfway Picnic Grounds.  Look for social media updates from KRDO team members deployed on America’s Mountain.

The Official PPIHC App

Follow the race with the all new free PPIHC App, available for mobile devices running Apple’s iOS9.0+ or Android version 5.0+ operating systems.  The app has numerous features to keep global race fans informed before, during, and after the race.  Users can add favorite drivers, allowing them to receive timely push notifications to their mobile device as their competitor races to the Summit.  Live leaderboard with section times, racer profiles, and more are available in the app.  Download the Official PPIHC App on your favorite iOS and Android devices.

TAG Heuer Live Timing & Scoring

Follow the results throughout race day at www.ppihc.com.


In-car video from many competitors, as well as post-race interviews will be uploaded to the Official PPIHC YouTube Channel and promoted though PPIHC social media channels.


Mike Moran   mike@thesportscorp.org

Senior Media Consultant

1631 Mesa Avenue, Suite E

Colorado Springs, CO 80906

(719) 338-9161