Practice/Qualifying Spectator Information

Tuesday, Jan. 28 2014

Practice/Qualifying Spectator Information**:

Practice Day Tickets: $25 per day (sold online only).

  • Practice dates are June 24th, 25th, 26th and 27th 2014. Race Day tickets will not allow you to view practice.  To attend practice you must purchase an online ticket for each specific practice day.  Tickets are available online for $25 per person per day or you can purchase a individual week pass for $120.  All spectators must sign a liability waiver before attending practice sessions.  All spectators must be through the toll gate from 4:00-5:00am on practice days.  No spectators will be allowed through the toll gate after 5:00am. 
  • For practice all spectators must watch the race from designated areas along the course (Start Line, Glen cove, Devils playground).  No spectators will be allowed to move up and down the course once practice has started.


Click Here to purchase your tickets

*No refunds will be given for tickets or camping permits.

**Spectator fees for practice days are a result of increased safety concerns from the PPIHC, The US Forest Service, The Pikes Peak Highway, El Paso and Teller County Sheriffs, and others involved with the race. If you are planning to attend practice, please be mindful of all instructions given by an official of the PPIHC or agents of the US Forest Service and Pikes Peak Highway.