Saturday, Jan. 26 2013

The 2014 Race will run on Sunday, June 29th.

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Question: Is watching the race dangerous?

Answer: Please stay clear of the course and don’t stand or sit where a vehicle might strike you. Likely high-impact areas are marked off. Please avoid them. The Hill Climb enjoys an enviable safety record. One reason for this safety record is the good common sense of our fans. To maintain this record, we need your help.

Question: Who needs a ticket?

Answer: Anyone who is 10 years of age and over needs to purchase a race ticket.  Tickets can be purchased online and the Pikes Peak Highway Tollgate (race week). If camping, each individual must purchase a race day ticket. A camping permit is required for each vehicle.

Question: When are the practice and qualifying days and times?

Answer: Practice dates are June 25th – June 28th. Race Day tickets will not allow you to view practice.  To attend practice you must purchase a ticket for each specific practice day.  Tickets are available online for $25 per person per day.  All spectators must sign a liability waiver before attending practice sessions.  All spectators must be through the tollage from 4:00-5:00am on practice days.  No spectators will be allowed through the tollage after 5:00am.

All spectators must watch the race from designated areas along the course.  No spectators will be allowed to move up and down the course once practice has started.

Question: When does the race start and how much is a ticket?

Answer: The race starts at 8:00 am, however you will need to plan to arrive much earlier than that. The road opens at 3:00 am and no spectator cars will be allowed past Crystal Reservoir after 7:30 am on Race Day.

Once you are on the mountain, unless you park below the starting line, you will not be able to leave the mountain until the race is completed. Depending on how the race progresses (no crashes, etc.) this can be anytime from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. An official will release your parking area. Use a low gear on your descent. Hot brakes fail!

Cost for general admission is $40.00 per person 10 and older, $50.00 on race day. The single admission ticket allows you to view the main event (Race Day). The cost for VIP admission is $100 per person 10 (pre-purchase only).

Question: Where is ticket will call and what are the hours?

Answer: Tickets can be picked up at the toll gate to the Pikes Peak Highway on Saturday June 29th from Noon – 6:00pm and on Sunday June 30th from 3:00 am – 10:00 am.

Question: How can I hear what is happening on the course?

Answer: Bring an AM radio and tune your radio to KRDO 1240AM for the live broadcast each day during the events on the mountain. ?

Question: What should we wear?

Answer: Expect the unexpected on Pikes Peak. A typical June day can start out very sunny and warm only to turn intensely cold with snow or rain. The best advice is to dress in layers. Remember the higher up you go on the mountain the cooler the air will be and the more wind you will encounter. If there is lightning or hail, take shelter in your vehicle.

Question: Can we camp on the mountain?

Answer: Camping is allowed on the mountain, one night only, Saturday, June 29, 2013. However, there are only 200 camp sites available at the cost of $100.00 per car load, on a first-come first-serve basis. There also numerous camping opportunities at local National Forest campgrounds, Mueller State Park and in private campgrounds.

Camping permits are available online.  Each individual camper must purchase a race ticket.

Question: Can we cook on the mountain?

Answer: The short answer is yes, provided you use the right equipment. Gas or propane stoves with shutoff valves are permitted. Self-contained charcoal grills are strictly prohibited; as are fireworks, open fires and firearms. This race is held on National Forest property. We do not make the rules but are obligated to follow them. Any violation will result in disciplinary action ranging from being forced to vacate the mountain to arrest and prosecution. Also, remember to dispose of trash properly – pack it in, pack it out.

Question: Where is the best viewing area?

Answer: It depends on what your tolerance level is. If you don’t mind extreme wind and cold, Devil’s Playground provides great views above tree line. Cove Creek is the highest spot below tree line; Glen Cove is also a popular spot below tree line. The Ski Area has ample parking but you will need to walk to a viewing area. Halfway Picnic Grounds give plenty of room for the drivers to exceed 100 mph. Wherever you decide to view the race, remember to avoid fragile vegetation and restoration areas. Also, digging trenches, constructing lean-tos and rock climbing is illegal and violators will be prosecuted.

Question: What is altitude sickness?

Answer: Remember the race starts at 9,300 feet above sea level and finishes at 14,115 feet. Signs of altitude sickness include dizziness, nausea and fainting.  Drink plenty of water. Use caution when consuming alcohol. If a first aid station determines that alcohol caused your illness and that you need to be transported down the mountain, it will be at your expense.

Question: When is Pikes Peak- America’s Mountain open to the public?

Answer: During race week (excluding race day), the mountain opens at 9:00am for the general public.  Each person will need to pay a tollgate fee.  Tourist information regarding Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain can be found here.

Questions: Where is Will Call?  How do I pick up my purchased tickets?

Answer: Will Call is located at the Gateway on race day.  You will not need to physically pick up any purchased tickets prior to race day.  Please bring your ID on race day and the Gateway workers will have you in our system.